Graduation/ Prom party

Graduation/ Prom party

Celebrate your prom or graduation with a unique vision and spirit by welcoming your guests on board a ship and take on the waves of Varna Bay.
Celebrate this special day with fun, unusual and with a different party, which will remain a precious memory for you and your guests.
We will offer you professional animation, video recording, catering, decoration and everything you need for your holiday. And for the decor of your photo shoot you will have a real sailing ship.

One ot two ships can be rented - 35 passagers seats each.

Varna Party Boats organise Sea cruises in the Varna bay, sailing from Varna Passenger Terminal, in the period from May 1 to October 15.          

The pirate ships are suitable for organizing: corporate events, team building, anniversaries, children's holidays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays and more.

 At the request of the customer one or two ships can be rented.

      1 ship -  35 passenger seats.

       2 ships - 70 passenger seats.

Each ship has: WC, high quality sound system, crew - a captain and two seamen.

  Price for renting a ship:

  • 2 hours – 359 euro.
  • Every next hour - 169 euro

The price include: rent of boats, crew, fuel, passenger tax, insurance, 20%VAT.

  The price does not include: animation program, food and beverages, transportation, photo and video shooting.

  Animation program:

  • Price: 2 hours – 98 euro.
  • Price: 3 hours – 133 euro
  • Every next hour is paid by agreement.

Pirate party program:

On board the tourists are greeted by the Captain of the ship. The scenario of the animation program draws the tourists into the atmosphere of a medieval maritime adventure. In the midst of the cannon thunder   begins the naval battle between the pirate ships with water cannons, followed by a search for lost treasure and more fun games saturated with lots of laughter, surprises and prizes for the guests. Available for the tourists are pirate costumes, guns, swords and other accessories. At the end of the cruise everyone gets by the Captain of the ship a pirate certificate and/or pirate hat as a souvenir from the sea adventure.

Food and Drinks - the following menus are available on board the ship:

Menu A – 18 euro per person: fish BBQ, greek salad /tomato, cucumber salad cheese/, bread, mineral water, soft drinks, beer, crackers and cookies.

       Menu B – 18 euro per person: chicken or pork steak BBQ, greek salad /tomato, cucumber salad cheese/, bread, mineral water, soft drinks, beer, crackers and cookies.

       Menu C – 25 euro per person: plates of mixed meats - chicken, pork steak and fish BBQ, greek salad /tomato, cucumber salad cheese/, bread, mineral water, soft drinks, beer, nuts, crackers and cookies.

       Menu D – 17 euro per person: plates - variety of cheeses and meats, several types of bread mineral water, soft drinks, beer, crackers and cookies.

       Menu E – 11 euro per person: a piece of family pizza with tomato sauce, ham, fresh mushrooms, cheese, sweets; drinks - mineral water, soft drinks and beer for adults.

       Menu F –  9  euro per person: sparkling wine /glass/, beer - 0.5l., mineral water, soft drinks, crackers and cookies.

       Menu G - Wines 10 euro/bottle, a variety of recommended wineries - white, rosé or red. Only open bottles are charged.

      Service fee for products imported by the customer2 euro/per person. The fee includes: beverage storage /up to 24 hours before the cruise/and cooling, BBQ grilling, ice, utensils, cups and plates etc.

 Note: in the case of external catering with provided service on board by a waiter/cook and   delivered plates and utensils, no service fee is paid.    

 We can also offer you catering by elite restaurants in Varna. The menu will be provided upon request.

Photo and video shooting - upon individual request.

DJ, live music, dancers, professional decoration - upon individual request according to your  requirements

Transport: we offer licensed tourist transport, on individual request according to your requirements.

 The ships Pinta Varna, Arabella meet all the requirements of the Maritime Administration to perform passenger cruises at sea.

 A copy of the set of documents, permits, qualifications of the captain and crew, insurance, etc. will be sent upon request.