Caravel-type vessel "Pinta Varna"

Caravel-type vessel "Pinta Varna"

Pinta Varna is a three-masted sailing ship, built in 2006, a modern replica of the PINTA caravel with which in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America.
Pinta Varna operates coastal sailing cruises, north in the direction of the Euxinograd Palace, south to the mouth of the Kamchia River, from May 1st to October 30th.

Basic technical data of the ship:
• Maximum length: 16.80 m.
• Board height: 2.00 m.
• Gross tonnes: 25
• Width: 4.40 m.
• Draft: 1.16
• Net tonnes: 4
• Main engine: Leyland brand, power: 147 hp.

Capacity, amenities and safety:

• 35 passenger seats
• Crew - 5 people
• Ship kitchen, barbecue, bathroom with WC and shower

The ship is identical in type and size with the PINTA caravel of Columbus, but under the hull we have modern technological equipment:

• 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine, duplicate ship steering with hydraulic steering and manual steering.
• 3 transverse bulkheads divide the ship into 4 separate compartments, each equipped with an individual automatic drying pump

Fire alarm combined with monitoring of each section

Duplicate lightning protection system

Electrical system of 220V, 24V, 12V
• The ship's connection with the port is duplicated with VHF Raymarine, VHF Alinko, mobile phones
• All passengers undergo maritime safety training at the beginning of the cruise
• Individual and general rescue equipment for all passengers located in prominent and easily accessible places

During the voyage, the master is in constant contact with the control tower of the port, and the location of the ship is monitored by radar.

• Boat rental can be for two, three or four hours.
• Sailing takes place in the waters of Varna Bay.
• The price for renting a ship includes: renting a ship, crew, fuel, passenger fee, insurance.
• The price for renting a ship does NOT include: VAT, animation program, food and drinks, transport, photo and video shooting.
• You can see the full description of the service in the attached file.