Team Building

Team Building

To build your harmonious team, do your team building on one of our ships, if you really want to:

• be in the same boat (literally) and row together in a certain direction;
• to melt the ice in communication with each other;
• to help each other achieve a certain goal and perform a given task;
• to feel united.
Organizing team games while sailing is not only a lot of fun, but also extremely cohesive.

• Boat rental can be for two, three or four hours.
• Sailing takes place in the waters of Varna Bay.
• The price for renting a ship includes: renting a ship, crew, fuel, passenger fee, insurance.
• The price for renting a ship does NOT include: VAT, animation program, food and drinks, transport, photo and video shooting.
• You can see the full description of the service in the attached file.